Havin' fun in Vegas

Curt and I have been in Vegas since late Wednesday night.
There has been a lot of eating and drinking.
Last night we participated in Dollar Menu Madness at Ellis Island Casino. We spent less than 20 bucks and got 3 hot dogs, 10 wings, 2 small beers, 2 regular-sized beers and tipped well. Oh yea!
And I am proud to say I have made it to the gym twice.
Rarely do I exercise on my own while on vacation. Not sure what my motivation has been this time around. But I will take it.
I think Jen will be joining me tomorrow morning.
Jen and Dave should be here soon. Yippee!
There has been pool time, drinking beer and some frozen beverages consumed, some minor betting on basketball, lots of yummy calories consumed, basketball watching, oh, and I am do excited to be reading a book. (I actually have time and energy to read a book.)
Good times so far …