Vegas, here we come

Curt and I wore our Arizona shirts on Sunday hoping the good mojo would get my Cats in the tourney. It didn't work. 🙁

Curt and I head to Vegas tomorrow night. This will be our third annual Vegas trip for the opening of the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament, which starts Thursday morning.
Our good friends Jen and Dave will meet us on Friday.
Last year Jen and I discussed doing our best to get some exercise in. Jen did some research and a Google search on “best place to exercise in vegas.”
The first hit she got was How to Avoid Exercise in Vegas.
I Google searched the same term this year and my fourth hit was the link How to Avoid Exercise in Vegas.
I have no problem avoiding exercise in Vegas with the drinking, basketball watching, pool lounging, eating, gambling and fun. I am hoping our hotel room at MGM Grand comes with gym access, because that gym is super expensive.
I had access last year and Jen and I put it to good use. It’s funny, Jen and I would meet in the morning and exercise and the guys would meet and scope out a bar or a good place to place bets. The girls, of course, met up with The Husbands later on. We like our beer and basketball, too.
I will invite my “sister-in-law” to join me again for some exercise. But Thursday morning I will be on my own. I found last year that it was easy to exercise because I had a buddy.
Normally when I take gym clothes with me on vacation they never leave the suitcase. My exercise clothes are already out and ready to go into the suitcase.
Wish me luck.
Not sure how much updating I will be doing. I do hope to get some calorie burning in. But I definitely will be eating, drinking, doing a little gambling (penny slots) and watching some college basketball, even if my team didn’t make it to the tourney. Boo!