Cheese, glorious cheese

Sometime last week I decided to put myself through a cheese intervention.
Yup, the cheese eating has gotten out of control. I love cheese. I love hard cheese, soft cheese, stinky cheese, strong cheese, mild cheese, fake cheese. You get the idea.
At work, one of the snacks offered are Babybel cheese: Gouda, Bonbel, Original and Light. They are way to easy to eat and delicious and easy to grab one or two or three …
Last week when I realized I needed to stop eating so much cheese I would only have one or two Lights a day. (If I do cardio I need some protein on the shuttle bus ride home.) It was under control last week.
I don’t know what happened this week. But the cheese eating definitely increased.
The Laughing Cow also makesĀ cheese wedges. The light wedges are only 35 calories. (The Light Baybel is 50 calories.) The wedges can be eaten alone, spread on a cracker or even melted into a meal. We have the wedges in our on refrigerator at home.
I do pack my lunches almost every day and include healthy snacks. So, what’s the issue? I think it is just this … I love cheese. So I just need to learn to say no more than yes.