Walking miles on golf course in cold

Trying to stay warm at Stonebrae on Friday.

Over the weekend Curt and I headed to Hayward to see our friend Tag Ridings play golf in the Nationwide Tour at Stonebrae.
I wanted to know how many miles I would be walking over the weekend. I put a GPS tracking app on my iPhone.
Tag’s father-in-law came along with him. So Curt and I walked with Bill. I mentioned to Bill that I wanted to know how many miles I would be walking.
Bill is a golfer andĀ  has walked many golf courses. He told me that walking a golf course is about 6 miles.
It was so cold on Friday that Curt and I only lasted for about 9 holes. (Because of the weather and downpour of rain the tee times were altered and Tag had to finish the first round of holes on Day 2. And then Day 2 he still had to golf 18 more holes.)
The app tracked a little more than a mile. I knew that couldn’t be true. I even mentioned it to Bil the next day. He agreed and said it was closer to 3 miles.
Tag said 1,700 yards is one mile. And 18 holes of golf is 7,000 yards. But that is if you are walking in a straight line. And when is a golf course a straight line? So the math is a little more than 4 miles, but keep in mind, that is in a straight line. When I had researched online I found differing information on the mileage–anywhere from 4 to 6 miles. So it sounds like 6 miles to me. And Tag and Bill agreed to that as well. (You should have seen some of the hills we were climbing.)
As we were out on the course over the weekend it was cold. It made me wonder how many calories one burns when cold and/or shivering. According to the Livestrong website, which got their information fromĀ American Council On Exercise, you may burn about 400 calories an hour from shivering, depending on the temperature and the heaviness of your clothing.