Happy Mother's Day

Curt and I with our moms about two years ago in Amsterdam. We took my mom to Paris to celebrate her 60th birthday because I wanted to thank her for being the most amazing mom a kid could have.

When I was 9 and my brother was 5 our parents divorced.
The choices and decisions my mom made almost 30 years ago makes me the person and woman I am today.
At a time when few people were divorcing my mom made the best decision for herself and for her kids. And we struggled. But as I look back at the hard times and great memories I am proud of my mom and the little family we were.
One of my favorite memories were Friday nights. At the end of our week we would get a movie or two at the 99 cent video store and pizza from Little Caesars. We would pile on the sofa bed and watch movies and eat our pizza and zonk out.
Growing up with a single mom was very humbling. The sacrifices my mom made for John and me was truly an act of love. And I will always be grateful.
My mom has been retired for about 9 years, she owns her own house (has for many years), travels regularly, volunteers at many organizations (it’s like part-time job) and reads like crazy.
She is such an inspiration for how much she cares for others, especially those with so much less than we have.
My mom is my mom, but she is also my friend. I like hanging out with my mom–whether we are in a foreign country, at her house, at my house … We can lounge around all day and watch Lifetime movies or Law & Order: SVU marathon. We can talk about pretty much anything. I feel lucky to have someone in my life make the sacrifices they did and then also be my friend many years later.
I also feel lucky to have ended up with a mother-in-law who I love, but especially who I like. I can call Marilyn up and chat about whatever. I like spending time with her. We can knit and chat and just hang out.
I feel really lucky to have two amazing moms and women in my life.
So here are to the moms in my life and all moms–however you define “mom.”
Happy Mother’s Day!