Tackling stairs and storage unit at once

At first glance the storage unit looked like a disaster and a much bigger task than I had anticipated. Once I started working on it the task wasn't quite as daunting as I first thought.

I am taking an extra long weekend for myself and just to get some stuff done.
I went to our storage unit yesterday to continue with my de-cluttering project.
When I first arrived it appeared worse than I thought. But once I started working on it I realized it really wasn’t that bad. For some reason we had a lot of empty boxes sitting in the unit.
I was only at the storage place for about an hour. I took a bunch of stuff home with me: including some stuff to go through at home and many boxes to break down and recycle.
As I was going up and down the stair ladder I realized I was getting some extra exercise in.

We have an upper unit, which means a stair ladder is required to get to it.

As I have mentioned before we have a new wellness program at work. Each participant makes goals and takes on challenges.
One of the challenges is to get 25 minutes of stairs in a week. There is also an extra 10 challenge. I initially didn’t take on this challenge as I already exercise so much I couldn’t possibly add 10 more minutes to my already aggressive routine.
But with the stair challenge I am also tackling the extra 10 challenge. A couple of times a week at work I take a break and do the stairs for about 10 minutes. Tackling two challenges in one.
I needed 5 more minutes this week to meet the goal/challenge for the stairs. We have stairs at home that go to the upstairs unit, which I planned to tackle yesterday. But while at the storage unit I realized I was tackling the stairs while going up and down the stair ladder.
Two battles taken on at once: stair challenge and de-clutter challenge.