Thinking furry thoughts

This is one of the pages from my 2012 Joey calendar. He was a beautiful boy. One of the photos is a copy of a report card from Ruff Ruff, the most awesome pet sitters ever.

Six months ago today our furbaby went to furry heaven.
I had Joey for 17 12 years. Curt, Joey and I were a family for a little more than 11 years. My two boys started off with a love/hate relationship. Eventually it was love/love.
Losing Joey has been one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. For almost my entire adult life he was in it. He was my first and only pet all my own. He was a constant in my life and around daily. His unconditional love was his greatest gift (as I am sure with most pets). His second greatest gift was what a cuddle bug he was. He fit perfectly in our house as we love to lounge and watch TV and movies.
Joey kept people informed on what he was up via his blog. Curt even helped him with his last post, which went live the day after he died. (I just reread it and laughed and mostly cried.) I wrote my own farewell to Joey, too.
Luckily my baby didn’t suffer for too long. And his health only really went down hill the last two months of his life. Those were a rough two months. They were emotional, exhausting, expensive, stressful and with about three visits to the vet a week.
To me pictures, scrapbooking, collages, etc. are so healing. After Joey died I created a calendar with many pictures of Joey over the years. I have one at work and one at home. Sometimes it makes me happy and sometimes it makes me sad. But all of my memories with Joey are good.
The various pictures in the calendar have been quite healing for me. Sometimes when Curt and I are in the kitchen making dinner we look at it and talk about Joey. People ask about him at work or make comments
I also made a mini collage of photos of Joey, which sits on the bookshelf next to his ashes.