Take me out to the ballpark

Just me and my beer at the ballpark.

Last night I went to an Oakland A’s game with Curt and some friends.
I debated on what I should do about dinner at the ballpark.
There really aren’t any healthy options. But I wanted to enjoy myself but still not go crazy in the caloric intake department.
If you plan, you can still enjoy ballpark food without breaking your diet, going over your calorie count or points count or really without going too far outside your healthy lifestyle.
My plan was to have one beer and bring most of my own stuff with me, which included an apple (nothing says Let’s Go Oakland like an apple), bag of pop chips and Sara Lee Delightfuls bread to serve as a bun for my hotdog (which I planned to purchase at the ballpark and toss out the bun it came in).
I thought that was a pretty good plan.
But I decided to nix the plan.