Staying on track … or not

At my dad and Hilda's house they have a lovely yoga room set up, which, unfortunately, I never took advantage of while in town this past week.

This past week I was in Tucson for a family matter: My 90-year-old grandpa had a tumor removed from his colon on Tuesday. Surgery is serious for everyone.
But for a 90-year old, well, that’s another story. I decided it was important for me to be home to visit with my grandpa and be there before, during and after the surgery for my grandpa, me, my dad and my family.
The week before I went out to Tucson I had started back on Weight Watchers Online. My first week on plan went well.
I debated on whether to try to continue on plan or to make it OK for myself to be off plan for the week. I decided to not worry about what I was eating and whether or not I was exercising (which I didn’t do once, unless you count taking the stairs at the hospital).
A great friend and avid reader and supporter, Jen, tried to post a comment on my post I love my family via her iPhone. She had difficulty. So instead she posted it on Go Fit Girl’s Facebook page.
Jen wrote: _There’s always one food/fitness thing near and dear to my heart: stress eating. Or rather stress completely-ignoring-fitness-and-diet-routines, which is what I seem to fall into when a family member is in the hospital. How do you stay on track or get back on track quickly?_

I took the stairs many times while visiting my grandpa at the hospital over the past week.

I am also a stress eater. I used to also be a stress ignorer of exercise. I seem to have kept my exercise pretty regular even with stress whether at home or at work or with family or all three. (Except for this past week.)
I will admit when traveling or not in my routine I quickly fall into bad habits.
While in Tucson I gave myself permission to be “off plan.” I figured there would be some on the go meals, some skipped meals, some desired Mexican meals, some trips to eegee’s for a strawberry eegee …
Not all of my meals were completely unhealthy. I had a few high protein salads. My breakfasts were usually yogurt and a banana. I didn’t have as much water as I normally do or as much as I should have for the heat I was exposed to all week.
I could have made time to exercise. But I didn’t. And I was fairly busy running around Tucson … whether going to the hospital multiple times a day, running errands, visiting with my mom, visiting with my grandma, picking up/dropping off Zipper at doggie day care.
I pretty much woke up and was on the go most of the day every day I was in town. By the time I returned to my dad’s house in the evenings I was exhausted and/or needed to do some work. (I had to keep up with some stuff at work while away.)
I plan to get back on my Weight Watchers plan again Monday. I will be going to the grocery store tomorrow morning. Which means I will have lots of fruits and vegetables. Planning and food tracking are two things that keep me “on plan.”