I love my family

Self-portrait of Grandpa and me in the waiting room before his surgery Tuesday morning.

As I had predicted posting would be minimal this week.
I meant to at least post saying my grandpa’s surgery went great. The doctor got the whole tumor out and was able to get all the parts back together.
My dad, aunt and I got to visit with him about an hour after her surgery. And he looked remarkably well.
I have been visiting him in the hospital multiple times a day. Yesterday I was there three times.
I’ve been trying to help my dad as much as possible. My dad had to go up to Phoenix today for work. So in a little bit I am taking the pooch to doggie day care. Then a visit to grandpa. Then picking the pooch up. Then (hopefully) lunch with my grandma. Then a visit with my mom. Whew!
I am so happy I made the decision to come home for this. (It all could have turned out much differently and I wanted and needed to be here either way.)
I am coming up with some post ideas while here in Tucson. I hope to research and post one or two ideas this coming weekend. So stay tuned. And thanks to everyone for the good thoughts and well-wishes.