Go Fit Girl! va a la Ciudad de México

The “last time” I was in Mexico City was almost 36 years ago. My mom said I was almost 2. And last time Doggie (pictured above) went with me. Doggie is staying home this time. He’s too old and missing an ear. Doggie is posed with our pesos.

According to Google Translate the headline above says: Go Fit Girl! goes to Mexico City.
Almost two months ago I made the decision to rejoin Weight Watchers.
I needed accountability with my food intake. And I am proud to say with my food tracking and really paying attention to what I put in my mouth I am on track to hit my goal weight (again) soon.
There are times I let myself go “off plan,” like when my mom was in town. I didn’t go too crazy. But I did enjoy my food and drink. Now I didn’t lose weight that week, but I also didn’t gain either.
When I go on vacation I like to eat and drink whatever I want. So in Mexico City I will be doing just that. And then a week later when I get home, I will get back on plan and lose my last few pounds.
I likely won’t be posting much while on vacation. If you want to know what I am up to over the week check out my personal Facebook page. We are staying with friends and will have wi-fi so I will be status updating or uploading photos occasionally.