Review Wednesday debuts with Hugger Mugger yoga mat bag

The Hugger Mugger Recycled Paper Mat Bag gets 2 1/2 dumbbells out of 5.

As promised, one of Go Fit Girl’s new features, Review Wednesday debuts today. This post launches the first official review for Review Wednesday.
In honor of September being National Yoga Month I thought I would review an item related to yoga.
Today I am reviewing the Hugger Mugger Recycled Paper Mat Bag.
I was excited to find this yoga mat bag. It’s a little different than most of the bags I see other yogis carry their mats in. (And I wanted something fun looking and different since I seem to have the same purple Jade Yoga Mat that about half the other Namaste yogis have. So much so that I almost stole a fellow yogis yoga mat in class one day.)

My ripped recycled mat bag lays on top of my new (and so far so good) Hugger Mugger yoga mat bag.

The hand-woven mat bag is environmentally friendly as it is made from recycled paper. And it costs about $23.
It holds a mat and a few other supplies, including up to two yoga blocks.
Here is a link the mat in Go Fit Girl’s Amazon store.
According to the product description on the Hugger Mugger site: Looking for a mat bag that’s strong … The bag’s tight weave makes it strong enough to carry even our heaviest mat.
I don’t have a Hugger Mugger mat. I have a Jade Yoga mat, which is fairly thick and heavy. But not anywhere near the heaviest or thickest yoga mat available.
About a week after I  bought the bag it ripped. That totally bummed me out. Did it rip because it really isn’t as strong as they say? Did I put too heavy of a mat in the bag?
I have had the mat for about five months. The rips are getting a little bigger. But it still holds my mat. I recently bought a new one.
Since I like Hugger Mugger’s products I did buy a new Hugger Mugger mat and so far all is good. It is light but sturdy and it seems to be doing it’s job.
Because of the idea of the bag being environmentally friendly and being made from recycled paper and even though it ripped almost immediately it still is able to carry my mat to and from the yoga studio … I am giving the bag 2 12 dumbbells out of 5.
Check back next month for another Review Wednesday.