Review Wednesday: Trudeau Egg Poacher

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2012-11-07 17:43 +0000

The Trudeau Silicone Egg Poacher gets my highest rating of 5 dumbbells.

Today I am reviewing the Trudeau Silicone Egg Poacher with Handle.
I bought this item more as a fluke. I knew it was an egg poacher, but I used it as a little Easter basket for myself and my friend/co-worker Jessica as a treat and prize for us being successful in giving up candy for more than 40 days.
When I first used the egg poacher I apparently didn’t completely read the directions, which aren’t that complicated. Even though it said the egg would cook in 4-5 minutes it always seemed to take at least 20.

Getting ready to poach some eggs in the Trudeau Silicone Egg Poacher.

Once I started poaching eggs Curt got into eating them, too. So from when I started cooking the eggs it would be almost an hour before I got to eat!
One day at the grocery I found a two-egg poacher for the microwave. I thought this would be better. Nope, I never could figure out the right time and always overcooked the eggs.
Eventually I bought a second stove top egg poacher. Soon after that my mom was in town and I asked her if she wanted a poached egg for breakfast. For some reason I decided to to read the instructions again. And there in the few sentences of simple instructions I saw that you need to put a lid on the pot or skillet that the egg and egg poacher are sitting in.
Once I figured that out my eggs cooked in 4-5 minutes, just like the directions say! And they cook perfectly. The yolk is runny and delicious. And the time is now a lot less than 20-30 minutes, which I thought was extreme for an egg, which was either undercooked or overcooked.
I can’t cook over easy or sunny side up. The yolk breaks. So I used to just have scrambled eggs or egg whites.
With the egg poacher you don’t need to use oil. I spray a little Pam in there, crack the egg and put it in the heated water, cover with a lid and eat soon after. It’s fairly healthy and delicious. And you know how I love getting my protein in.
This egg poacher gets my highest rating: 5 dumbbells. Wanna buy this great egg poacher? You can find it in Go Fit Girl!’s Amazon store.