Living life, making choices

At a recent lunch I stayed away from the bread on the table. Later a co-worker asked me: You don’t eat bread? Uh, yes, I do and that is why I am staying away from it or I may eat all of it.

When I started to lose weight at the end of 2006 I received support. Once the pounds started to fall off and be noticeable compliments poured in.
But as the healthy journey continued and continues to this day things change.
People aren’t as likely to support my journey to maintaining my healthy lifestyle.
I don’t expect cheerleaders. But I also don’t expect negative comments, food pushers, judgment, etc.
As my journey continues I learn to focus on myself and my path. My judgment of others is quite limited. And frankly, I have enough to worry about myself that I don’t care about someone else’s portions or if they decide to have dessert or not.
We are adults and make our own choices, good, bad, healthy, unhealthy …
What I ask of my friends, loved ones and really everyone: Please mind your own business. If I decide to not have dessert or bread or whatever, what’s it to you? If you want to have dessert or bread or whatever, feel free.
We only live life once. And I do love to eat and drink. But I also love to be and feel healthy. And let’s be honest, in vanity I like myself thinner and leaner with some muscle tone.
And I can enjoy a treat or two or a drink or two as long as I keep it in moderation.
I know the negativity and comments are a reflection of the person saying it and their own guilt and feelings. But it still bothers me. And I tend to get defensive.
So when you feel the need to push someone to eat something … take a step back … Is this about you or them?
I do want to say friends or family who are also on some sort of healthy path are the best support team to get support from and talk about struggles and anything that comes up along the way.