Ugh! Black Friday

Did you pick up or are you planning to buy a Shake Weight for your favorite Go Fit Girl! during Black Friday sales?

I wrote about this last year.
I have never been a fan of Black Friday, for a variety of reasons. Initially it was the crowds and the crazies and the mayhem.
I still feel that way. But now there seems to be a lot of ugliness and greed and that makes it even less appealing to me.
When (I) we still gave Christmas presents I made sure to have my list checked off before Thanksgiving. Once online shopping became a reality I did all my shopping online.
For the past many years (I don’t remember how long we have been doing this) our families decided to no longer give Christmas gifts. No one really needs anything. And really, who needs another sweater or candle or something you don’t really want?
So instead we give money to charity. We all have done different things. We have given to local charities, Charity Choice Gift Cards, Heifer International, food banks, Planned Parenthood, etc.
There are so many people who don’t even have the basics, let alone Christmas gifts.
I am a huge advocate of helping others, around the holidays and all year long.
Curt and I have a new charity gift plan this year. But I am keeping it quiet for now as it is a “gift” to our families and some of them read this blog. But I do promise to write about it at some point because I am excited about it.
If you do go out for Black Friday be careful out there. And make sure you get something I really like. 🙂 I know, just kidding!
Maybe grab an Angel from the Angel Tree when at the mall shopping. There is a Salvation Army Angel Tree Facebook page you can check out as well.