Go Fit Girl! is thankful/grateful for many things

I am truly thankful and grateful for having yoga in my life. It has changed my life in so many ways. I am also thankful for Child’s Pose–anytime, but especially when I need a rest during a practice.

Today is Thanksgiving and I have many things to be thankful and grateful for.
This list is just some of the things Go Fit Girl! is thankful for. (If it was Ann … it would never end.)
I am thankful and grateful for:
Setting intentions.
In-Shape City Gym and teachers: Jenn, Jessica and Will.
Namaste yoga studio and teachers: Vickie, Baxter, Lily and Hannah and the occasional sub.
Being healthy all year long.
My supportive husband.
Grace and Gratitude Thanksgiving workshop.
Weight Watchers.
My readers, the regular and occasional, the new and the old.
My laptop in which I can write my posts and do my research.
The salad bar at work.
My gym friends.
Wellness plan at work.
My weekly weigh-in.
New spin bikes at the gym.
Exercise/health/nutrition challenges at work.
My friend Monica who is my Monday night gym class buddy and motivator.
That I can afford to grocery shop every week (or really anytime) and buy healthy food, especially fresh fruits and vegetables.
Namate yoga studio focusing holiday workshop proceeds on charity (and yoga mat rentals going to charity as well.)
My subscription to Yoga Journal.
My husband being my new-ish gym buddy.
My Camelbak water bottle.
The food drive and toy drive I am able to run at work on behalf of the company.
The various types of yoga I practice: Vinyasa; Hatha; Restorative.
My mom for going to yoga class with me while in town.
My gym and yoga studio memberships …
And that work helps pay (under the Wellness Program).
The good insurance Curt’s company provides us.
My Jade Yoga mat.
The fact that I can help others financially.
For yoga teaching me to breathe and take on difficult situations in a different perspective.
My friend Jen (Blue Shirt) for going to spin with me while in town.
My supportive doctor (in my choice to be Child Free).
Thanh–my massage therapist, who is kind and helps me work on my stress and health.
Supportive friends–especially in my healthy journey.
My mother-in-law for wanting to practice yoga with me (and telling me that I am a good teacher).
Sick days at work for when I should stay home.
Wigwam socks.
My friends when in town willing to practice yoga with me at Namaste.
This list could go on and on. And I am sure I will come up with things to be thankful for after I post.
Hope you all have a wonderful day. Happy Thanksgiving! If you are traveling be safe and patient. If you are venturing out to tonight or tomorrow morning to shop, first you’re crazy and second please be careful and safe and patient and remember to breathe.