Getting ready for December

Lots of great stuff coming on GFG! in December. Items featured in December’s Review Wednesdays can be stocking stuffers.

Go Fit Girl! has a lot of exciting things planned for December.
Are you excited? I know I am.
I have been doing a lot of planning and writing and researching in preparation for December.
Just some of the coming attractions are:
The next GFG! Monthly Challenge, which will be posted on Saturday, Dec. 1. This Monthly Challenge is a little different than the past challenges.
Week in the life of Ann on Weight Watchers. A reader wanted to know what I regularly eat to be successful on WW. So I am going to share that with you.
There will be TWO, yes, TWO Comment Contest Tuesdays in December.
There will be THREE, yes, THREE Review Wednesdays in December. And these items could be possible Christmas or Hanukkah gifts or New Year’s or just because gifts.
And all three items can be found in GFG!’s Amazon store.
So make sure to come back in December and read and comment and win prizes and learn lots of good stuff.