Exercise, say no, buy toys and don't gain weight …

As part of the heart challenge, Go Fit Girl! encourages you to buy a toy for a toy drive, run a toy drive, grab an angel from an Angel Tree … I ran the toy drive at work last year (photo from successful toy drive) and am running it again this year.

And today we launch Go Fit Girl!’s December Monthly Challenge.
December is a challenging month in all aspects of my life. So I am gonna guess that it is the same for most of my readers.
The challenges this month are going to be a little different than the previous months.
Exercise: Exercise 3-4 times a week. Try to keep up your regular routine as much as possible. I know you are busy. But don’t you deserve it? And exercise is a great way to deal with stress. Hey, if you don’t have time to exercise take break and go for a 15-minute walk. You will feel better and be able to concentrate so much better.
Nutrition: Say no once a day, once a week or just once this month to a second serving; to dessert; to bread at the table; to a piece of candy; to a second, third or fourth drink. (That one is going to be tough for me.)
Heart: Grab an Angel from a tree; run a toy drive; buy a toy (or toys) for a toy drive; deliver toys to needy children. Or find some other worthy cause you want to support. Later this month there will be a Comment Contest Tuesday that caters to this challenge. So make sure to check back.
Exercise/nutrition combo: I am adding a fourth challenge to this month’s set of challenges. Try not to gain more than 1 pound this month or try to maintain your weight or HELL, even try to lose weight. I know what you are thinking or saying or yes, you are even laughing. But it is possible to lose weight over the holidays. And I am proof. At the end of 2006 when I started losing weight I lose weight over the holidays and you can, too. AND I lost weight over Thanksgiving weekend.
Don’t fall for food pushers or those trying to put their own guilt on you. I plan to continue to lose weight over the holidays and I know you can, too.
One of my readers asked if I would share a sort of the Day in the Life of what Ann eats (on Weight Watchers®). I thought that was a great idea and I plan to post my “menus” of this week tomorrow so you can see what I am eating while being successful at weight loss. So make sure to check back.
Feel free to comment below on how the challenge is going for you this month. You can also comment on the Go Fit Girl! December Monthly Challenge Facebook event page.