A much needed break


Cool lighting setup in the massage room.

This week has been rough for me. Emotionally draining.
Monday I didn’t work and went to a very inspiring and emotionally uplifting yoga class. The energy I felt afterward was amazing. I was almost giddy.
Then Tuesday happened. I came home from work exhausted. I still went to yoga. And I never regret dragging myself to practice.
When I got home from class I told myself there was no need to go online. I didn’t need to post anything on Go Fit Girl! and I didn’t need to look at Facebook. So I just showered, made and ate dinner, drank a beer and vegged in front of the TV before bed.
Last night was pretty much the same, minus the beer.
Don’t get me wrong, I can’t go long without the Internets, my blogging and research, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But it was definitely a nice and much needed break. It was refreshing actually.
I worked from home today because I need to go into the office tomorrow.
Because my schedule was flexible I was able to make a massage appointment. Thanh always make me feel better. And as she was working my back and shoulders I could feel how tight and how much stress was/is balled up in there.
I am keeping up with my exercise and maintaining a healthy eating plan. Many times when I fall into challenging times I just eat and drink whatever. But I am really working hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle as I plug away at life’s many challenges.