How to survive Super Caloric Intake Sunday


I plan to survive Super Caloric Intake Sunday with just a few small and easy adjustments. 

So tomorrow there is this huge TV event where the best commercials of the year are shown and then there is some American football thrown in occasionally.
With this huge commercial/football event lots of drinking and eating will also be happening.
This Super Bowl Food Quiz is a good way to get you to realize how much you and the average American will be eating and drinking.
Though I have to say the average caloric intake seems low. I think this article is a better reflection on how much many will be consuming tomorrow afternoon/evening.
I had planned to write this post anyway. But this evening my friend/neighbor, Jessie, asked me how I planned to survive tomorrow.
Here’s what I told her and a few extras we didn’t talk about:

  • I am going to yoga in the morning, an aggressive sweaty workout.
  • I have been careful this week to not consume too many calories (Weight Watchers Points) so I can indulge more tomorrow.
  • I plan to have a high protein meal before the game starts.
  • I made salsa, which is low calorie.
  • Instead of dipping delicious salty tortilla chips in my homemade salsa I will be be using cut up vegetables as my “chips.”
  • Instead of Ritz crackers to enjoy just a bite or two of my homemade cheese ball I made I will use Pretzel Crisps.
  • I bought a veggie tray from the grocery.
  • I do plan to have a beer or two. But I plan to have a glass of water in between beers.
  • There will be a few other items to snack on and I just have to be careful and not overindulge.

Once you start drinking it is difficult to keep track or frankly care how much super unhealthy, yet delicious food you are eating. So limiting alcohol is always a good idea, especially if you have to drive. A good trick it to have a glass of water in between each drink.
Good luck! And may the best commercial win and Beyonce rock.