Being OK with change while taking care of No. 1


Appreciating simple things in life can be so rewarding.

You may have noticed that my posts are not as frequent lately.
It’s not that I don’t want to share my wealth of research with you or that I don’t want to share the posts I already have written and I just need to hit the publish button or that I don’t still love writing for Go Fit Girl! That is all still true.
There are some big changes happening at work and in my life. And it is taking an emotional drain on me, besides the regular silly things that happen in life …
When stressed I normally ditch the exercise and go nuts with the food and alcohol intake. I am really focusing on my health right now.
So the regular gym classes and yoga classes are being attended. I am tracking my food and trying to avoid alcohol during the week, even though a beer, glass of wine or swig of marshmallow vodka sounds good most evenings.
And a big part of health is mental health. And I am doing the best I can to keep myself level and balanced. I try to remember the things to be appreciative of to not take things for granted.
Some evenings I am taking off from the Internet and computer. I hit the gym or yoga studio after work. Then once home I shower, make and eat dinner and just become a blob in front of the TV. I feel exhausted.
This is how I am taking care of me. And frankly, there is something refreshing about not being a slave to the Internet every single evening. I spend 8+ hours on a computer at work.
I am trying to remind myself that change is always going to happen and I need to just let go and be OK with the changes. Easier said than done, right?
I feel like change and letting go have been a regular theme in many of my yoga classes lately.
At the end of class last week, Vickie read a poem called Let Go. She subbed for Baxter the following night and read the same poem at the end of class.
These are great words we can all live by. She let go of the judgments. … She let go of all of the anxiety that kept her from moving forward. … 
She and I chatted briefly after class tonight about change and letting go and dealing with life.