Comment Contest Tuesday goes Thursday with love


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Since today is Valentine’s Day (and in honor of this month’s Monthly Challenge) I thought we would talk about love, self-love, loving ourselves.
What do you love about yourself? It could be something simple or complex. It could be many things.
It could be your laugh, or the way you find the good in people, or your punctuality, or your legs or how cute you look in a certain outfit. It could be how hard you worked to get your education, what you do for a living or how you do it.
I don’t laugh often, but when I do I think it is a great laugh. I love my philanthropy ideas and ways. I love that I love to travel and plan to see the world. And to be a little vain, I don’t mind my tiny waist and pear-shaped body. I am what you would call curvy (on the bottom at least).
Normally we have Comment Contest Tuesday. Let’s change it up a bit and have Comment Contest Thursday this time around.
Every person who comments will get their name thrown into a drawing for multiple chances to win some of the items I will be reviewing soon on Go Fit Girl!
You have until noon (my time–Pacific) Tuesday, February 26, to comment. And for your comment to count you have to comment in the comment section below. Comments on Facebook, replies to Twitter, e-mails don’t count.