Knowing my numbers

As I mentioned in my hula hoop post yesterday my company sponsored a Wellness Fair, which included biometric testing and consultation with a nurse afterward if so desired.
I got my numbers last year and this year.


My biometric results from last year and this year (on top).

March 2012

  • Blood Pressure: 14070 Systolic read in Stage I Hypertension Diastolic read in Normal
  • Active Lifestyle Heart Rate: 76 read in Average/Acceptable
  • Glucose: 84 (fasting) read in Desirable/Healthy
  • Cholesterol: 171 read in the Desirable/Healthy (all the cholesterol numbers read in Desirable/Healthy)
  • BMI (Body Mass Index): 23 read in Desirable/Healthy

I talked to the nurse afterward about my blood pressure number. She asked if I was nervous about the pin prick to get the blood for the testing. I said yes. (That can alter the number.) She said because all of my other numbers were so great and it was obvious that I maintain a healthy lifestyle she wasn’t too concerned with the blood pressure number, especially since it was at the very low end of the Stage I Hypertension.
February 2013

  • Blood Pressure: 11878 read in Normal (improved from last year)
  • Active Lifestyle Heart Rate: 60 read in Desirable/Healthy (improved from last year)
  • Glucose: 80 (fasting) read in Desirable/Healthy (slight improvement from last year)
  • Cholesterol: 197 read in Desirable/Healthy (number increased from last year–but still in healthy range; all other cholesterol numbers read in Desirable/Healthy)
  • BMI (Body Mass Index): 22 (slight improvement from last year)

I didn’t meet with a nurse this time around.
Years ago my doctor tested my cholesterol and it was right at 200. (High cholesterol is genetic on my dad’s side of the family.) She wasn’t too concerned and just told me to just keep a watch on it. So when I was tested last year and my number was 171 I was amazed and happy to see that amy hard work was really showing. I was a little disappointed that this year it was up. It’s still in the healthy range. Maybe it was a fluke. Maybe it was because of my recent new found love for steak. Maybe it was because of the bacon I have been eating. (Though for the record, I still eat in moderation and my food fits into my Weight Watchers PointsPlus.)
I mentioned my results to a friend. I also said my recent egg intake may have adjusted my cholesterol numbers along with the steak and bacon. She told me that information on eggs being bad for cholesterol is not necessarily true. So, of course, I had to look it up. If you want to read in detail about how egg work on LDL and HDL you can read all about it right here. Data from a study talked about in the article indicate that most people’s bodies handle the cholesterol from eggs in a way that is least likely to harm the heart.
It’s important to know your numbers. I realize not everyone works for a company that provides this amazing service. So make an appointment with your doctor, get your results and discuss them with your doctor. And join the next Go Fit Girl! Monthly Challenge.