Comment Contest Tuesday goes old school

old skool

Check out my new Wave Hoop. Also shown are prizes you can win in this week’s Comment Contest Tuesday. 

Cinderella dressed in yella went upstairs to kiss a fella … made a mistake and kissed a snake … how many doctors did it take … 1 2 3 …
I am already thinking about Go Fit Girl!’s April Monthly Challenge.
A few of my readers were excited about my hula hoop post and were hoping for a challenge associated with the hula hoop. OK, in order to get ready for next month’s challenge many of you likely gotta go shopping.
I braved Toys R Us/Babies R Us on the way home tonight. I must really love you guys because I HATE that store.
I found some jump ropes and a fun pink, sparkly hula hoop, which I discovered once home that it is a Wave Hoop, filled with liquid. The Wave Hoop website says the patented liquid core makes hooping 10 times easier than a regular hoop. I am pretty good with the hula hoop and frankly, I didn’t notice it being any easier.
As I purchased a hula hoop for myself I also saw jump ropes on sale. Ideas were coming to me and I decided before you go buy your hula hoops, let’s have a Comment Contest Tuesday.
So today’s very impromptu Comment Contest Tuesday is going old school.
Tell me what exercises you do now that are old school or ones you see your kids doing, nieces or nephews, the kid who lives down the street. Or what things do you remember being fun that were actually exercise?
The things that come to mind for me are hula hooping, regular sit ups (not fun, but old school), hopscotch, jumping rope …
What else can you come up with?
Five people can win: one of three jump ropes or one of two Toys R Us gift cards for 5 bucks each to go toward your hula hoop. (My Wave Hoop was 6 bucks.)
Comment below and tell me about your old school ideas. Every comment will be entered in a drawing to win one of the five prizes listed above. If you don’t win a jump rope or hula hoop you will still have plenty of time to hit Toys R Us or anywhere else that sells hoops and ropes for the April old school challenge.
You have until next Tuesday, March 19 at noon my time (Pacific) to comment as much as you like.