Keeping hydrated in warm weather

My foldable water bottle easily attaches to my purse.

My foldable water bottle easily attaches to my purse. And easily folds inside it as well. 

Being from Arizona I have always known how important water is to stay healthy and hydrated and safe. (Ever heard of heat stroke or heat exhaustion? That stuff is real.)
And now that I regularly drink at least 64 ounces a day (but usually more–today I have consumed almost a gallon of water) my body needs it. And I notice pretty quickly if I am dehydrated or haven’t had enough water.
For the past couple of days the weather has been exceptionally warm, especially for this time of year in the Bay Area.
I went to a Giants baseball game yesterday. I didn’t take my big purse, which I normally carry and can fit my Camelbak water bottle in quite easily.
I wanted to bring water with me as I would be doing a lot of walking and it was warm out. But I didn’t want to carry one of my Camelbak water bottles as they are a little bulky without my bulky purse to store them in.
I grabbed my foldable water bottle, filled it up and attached to my small purse. My foldable holds 12 ounces (or how I like to refer to it, 1 12 servings of water).
It was really warm at the game. I had just one beer and made sure to keep refilling my foldable.
I kept myself hydrated during and after the game. And while practicing yoga.