Celebrating the Earth for Comment Contest Tuesday


These are some of the items that were available at the Farmer’s Market.

Yesterday was Earth Day. What did you do to celebrate?
My company is hosting Earth Week this week.
Yesterday we had a Farmer’s Market; today is eWaste disposal for a free lunch; tomorrow–Wellness Walk; Thursday–a sustainability quiz (not quite sure what that means); and a Vendor Fair on Friday, which I will miss since I will be working from home.
I am sure like most of you, I celebrate Earth Day every single day.
We recycle,we compost, we recycle batteries and light bulbs.
I use reusable bags to grocery shop and hit Trader Joe’s and Target. I carry a chico bag in my purse so I always have a bag when I need one. I recently started using washable reusable produce bags. (Read Go Fit Girl!’s Review Wednesday¬†on this product.)
We don’t run our dishwasher (I’m the dishwasher).
We both use some form of public transportation to get to work (subway and shuttle service)–we both have long commutes. We only have one car.
What did you do to celebrate Earth Day? Or what do you do regularly to celebrate our beautiful Earth.
Comment in the post below for a chance to win a pack of Reusable Washable Nylon Produce bags. Every comment below gets one chance at a random drawing to win the produce bags. The more you comment the better chance you have to win. Comments will only be counted when posted below. E-mails, comments via Facebook and Twitter, etc. don’t count. You have until noon my time Monday, April 29 to comment for a chance(s) to win.