Comment Contest Tuesday winner announced

alicia winner

Alicia’s name was drawn in the random drawing for the latest Comment Contest Tuesday.

The most recent Comment Contest Tuesday asked Go Fit Girl!’s readers to come up with challenges to help fuel some ideas for future Monthly Challenges.
The responses were great. And most, if not all, will be used in the future. Thank you so much for helping me come up with ideas. These should keep us going for some time. At least through 2013 and possibly longer.
Alicia was the GFG! reader who won the random drawing. And in case you want to know what she is getting. She is getting this and a Starbucks gift card.
Here are some of the things Alicia gave input on for possible future challenges: Take a recipe and modify it to make it healthier. And for exercise, she said, since summer is upon us we could challenge ourselves to outdoor activities such as walking and running in the park, playing volleyball at the beach, playing tennis, or going to the playground and playing on the swings. (LOVE the swing idea. So fun!)
GFG! readers had all kinds of great comments and ideas. These are some of the ideas GFG! readers had:
Andrea: How about 30 minutes of physical activity a day for a month; balance on one foot, working your way up to 6 minutes (this is a way work on balance, which we all need and according to Andrea, who is a runner, this is a good exercise to strengthen the IT band); for nutrition, I have been reading a lot about not eating refined sugars (the white stuff) and processed foods.
Nicole W.: Nicole’s first comment wasn’t a challenge, but a great idea: Pick someone you know who’s a fitness/nutrition inspiration, and “interview” them about goals and challenges; I really loved her second idea: Another idea would be to Week 1) pick one thing you don’t have time for (a fitness class, shopping for fresh veggies instead of eating/serving frozen meals, etc), Week 2) figure out how to make time (people could solicit others via the FB site for help), and Weeks 3 – 4) spend the remainder of the month implementing the solution and see if it works; pick a local park that you haven’t visited and go hike there (this one will be a major challenge for me as the only thing I really like doing outdoors must consist of sand and a drink with an umbrella).
Brenda: Perhaps something along the lines of something we “can’t do” to “can do.” Like you were mentioning your plank challenge at work. (BTW: We will definitely be doing the plank challenge for GFG! soon. You will amaze yourself at how long you can hold a plank. Believe me–I am amazed that I am at 3:30.)
Anne: She posted this on the GFG! Monthly Challenge FB page. I encouraged her to post on the actual Comment Contest Tuesday post to be entered in the drawing. Regardless, I like her idea and will use it at some point. Pick a fitness guru that has a series of fitness DVDs and have the challengers demo them. For nutrition, how about rainbow salads or veggie snack plates.
Nicole M.:  I love the idea of a plank challenge and also of a handstand challenge! I also like the idea of a vacation fitness challenge – if you are traveling this summer, find a way to work in a new type of fitness experience that you would not normally do at home. And maybe this is a bit too private, but since it is a major component of female health (and male, actually), I’d like to see a Kegel challenge. Uterine prolapse and other unpleasant complications can result from not working this muscle enough. (It’s funny that Nicole mentions this as a friend brought this issue up to me during our jumping jacks/jump rope challenge. So there is a planned post [and now possible a challenge] in our future.)
For full comments, go here.
Thank you to all of you for your participation. I appreciate the support, friendship and ideas.