Burning calories out on the dance floor


My friend Monica and I out on the dance floor Saturday night. Yes, we are having a great time. 

On Saturday night Curt and I went to a wedding, which was attended by a few other good friends.
It was a beautiful ceremony and a great party.
Free flowing sparkling wine and beer among some other adult beverages. I took part in wine, sparkling wine and water. I had some delicious lamb for dinner as well.
I judge a wedding by the party. And this wedding gets great props for a fun DJ who played danceable (is that even a word?) music, which made for an awesome time.
I danced so much that my calves are still sore today.
(And my lower back is a little sore as well. That could have something to do with dancing in heels most of the night.)
I have been told I am a good dancer. And not to toot my own horn, but I think I am.
Regardless, I just get out there and have a good time and don’t really care whether I am good or not. My dancing includes a lot of jumping and use of my arms and hands. I really get into it and have a ton of fun.
Dancing is a great, easy and fun workout. All you need is a little bit of space, some fun music and start shaking that money maker.
I wear a Fitbit (Zip), which I plan to review soon soon. It tracks my steps. On Saturday I tracked almost 20,000 steps, which is about 10 miles.
Fitness Blender gives you a basic idea of how many calories one burns doing a variety of dancing. This is just a general idea as specific calories burned is quite scientific and has to do with weight, height, gender, heart rate, etc.
I am gonna say I was “hip hop” dancing, which according to Fitness Blender burns almost 400 calories an hour.
You can have your own dance party at home. Crank up your iTunes library, mobile playlist, CD, Pandora or, hell, even the radio and start rocking out. If you have a roommate, spouse, kid(s), partner … grab them and get them moving.
Now you no longer have an excuse to not exercise, right?