Do you want to be happy?

Morning commute

Curt and I were recently in Turks & Caicos. Hard work along with certain decisions and sacrifices have allowed us to be able to travel.

As much as I hate to admit this I used to watch Dr. Phil.
His famous line (at least with me) was, Do you want to be right or do you want to be married?
I realize he was trying to keep the peace in a relationship. But damnit, sometimes you just want to be right!
Eventually his ego and attitude irritated me and I stopped watching.
But what I took from his question was, do you want to be happy?
Let’s be realistic. Circumstances, education, basic survival among other major things can be reasons why happiness is not a priority.
And, obviously, we can’t be happy all day every day (stole that quote from Charlotte from Sex and the City movie).
Recently I have been looking at things in my life and making some decisions and choices and evaluations.
Basically I am happy. But I continue to work and strive for more. I am working to make myself content and happy and to be fulfilled.
When looking at your own life and figuring out what you can and can’t realistically change you can’t compare your life to others. Never assume someone else’s life is perfect.
Look into yourself and decide what you need to change and go for it.
I feel lucky and fortunate to be where I am in life right now. I could list all the things I haven’t accomplished or the struggles I have had and continue to have.
I have worked hard for what I have. And a lot of it was a struggle. My life looks perfect to many because I make things look easy. But it has been and is nothing but easy.
Do you want to be happy? What are you doing to make No. 1 happy, content and fulfilled?