Comment Contest Tuesday: Starr wants to hear stories


Starr plays for Team Goldman.

We haven’t had a Comment Contest Tuesday in some time.
So I think it is time for one, don’t you.
Let’s do something a little fun this time.
My name is Ann. But when I was a kid (and still now) most of my family did and still calls me Annie. There was also Annie Roonie. Annie Go Get Your Guns.
But I didn’t like my name (and nothing against my parents but it is a pretty boring name). There were twin girls who lived in our neighborhood who were older than me. And I just thought they were super cool. One was named Star.
So I decided when I turned 18 I was legally changing my name to Starr Chihak.
Obviously, and thankfully, that didn’t happen.
In my department at work we all have nicknames. I was able to get Starr as mine for fun. We had a recent offsite where we honored our fellow team member Perry who recently died.
Perry  wanted to start a bowling league at work. So we all got bowling shirts with our nicknames and went bowling. It was pretty awesome.
Here are my questions for you: What was or is your nickname? When you were a little kid what did you want your name to be? Any stories behind your name or nickname?
For every name/story you post in the comments below you will get your name thrown into a hat for a drawing. So the more you comment, the better chance you get to win a prize.
You have until Tuesday, August 27 noon my time (Pacific) to comment away. Only posts in the comments below will count. E-mails, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, in-person comments don’t count.
Let’s have fun.