Cuticle cutting can be unhealthy


I regularly get manicures and pedicures.

A classmate recently opened a nail salon and day spa in my hometown, Tucson.
Christina, the owner of greentoes, recently posted an article on Facebook she came upon titled To Cut Cuticles or Not?
I regulary get manicures and pedicures.
And I have my cuticles cut. It’s a double-edged sword. I get them cut because they look like crap if I don’t. And they look like crap soon after my mani-pedi because I get them cut.
I have heard that you really shouldn’t have your cuticles cut because they get raggedy. Pushing them back is OK, but you shouldn’t cut them.
What I didn’t realize was that having your cuticles cut can also be a health issue.
From the article: “Trimming the cuticles can break the seal that protects the surrounding skin from infection,” Dr. Eric Schweiger said.
Another doctor, Dr. Michael Gold, quoted in the article said: “the main concern with trimming your cuticles is getting an infection from instruments that are not cleaned and sterilized properly. One needs to understand that cuticles play a very important role in preventing things like bacteria from entering the area at the base of the nail.”
The only real benefit to having your cuticles cut is cosmetic. I still do it even though I know it will look terrible in a couple of days and I will be trimming them myself even before I head back to the salon.
Maybe I should try to go with the push-back method for some time and see how that works out.