Yoga anatomy

My high arch could be a reason why I have balance issues.

My high arches could be one of the reasons I have balance issues. (Baxter drew on my arch.)

Last night in yoga teacher training class we learned about bones, muscles, joints, connective tissue, etc.
It was fascinating and I learned so much.
It’s A LOT of information. But Baxter broke it down and made it easy to learn (and hopefully remember).
We had Pat, our skeleton, along with two huge diagrams on the muscles and skeleton.
We also had us. Baxter used markers to draw on feet and legs to show us where muscles and bones are placed. We also would feel around our own bones and bodies and feel things move or where something is placed.
I learn best when what I am learning is visual and I can also read about it. The dual learning works best for me. However others learn, all aspects are being used in class and in the readings we are assigned (lots of pictures in our books).
There are so many cool things I learned and I am still struggling with what I am going to share.
Did you know that we have 206 bones in our body? And 52 bones in our feet? The bones in our feet make up almost one-fourth of all the bones in our body.
There is one bone in our bodies that is not connected to any other bone. The hyoid is suspended in the midline of the neck and held in place by the stylo-hyoid ligaments and muscles.
Wikipedia says,  the hyoid is anchored by muscles (or ligaments) from the anterior, posterior and inferior directions, and aids in tongue movement and swallowing.
Understanding the body and anatomy along with my own body and anatomy will enhance my yoga practice and make me a better future yoga teacher.


Easy ways to remember: ADduction; ABduction; flexion; and extension.