Helping Brighter Beginnings

My auction paddle saw a little action last night.

My auction paddle saw a little action on Saturday night.

Curt and I support a variety of charities and different programs. Whether it be our alma maters, food banks, Planned Parenthood, Humane Society, organizations focused on children, etc.
One of the organizations we are passionate about is Brighter Beginnings, which works to support healthy births and successful development of children by partnering with parents and helping to build strong communities.
Curt and I were invited to a fundraising event on Saturday night. Curt had other plans so I took a girlfriend with me.
Congresswoman Barbara Lee attended the event as well.
We had a good dinner, tasty wine and met some interesting people.
There was a raffle before dinner.
After dinner, a young woman who has benefited from Brighter Beginnings services spoke. She had her baby when she was 17. After having her baby she was a little behind in school. But managed to catch up and graduate with a 3.92. She was honest and well-spoken.
What I really loved about her is that she has taken her situation and the help from Brighter Beginnings and is paying it forward. She is a peer counselor to teach at-risk teens pregnancy prevention in East Bay high schools.
After she spoke the auction began. There were donated items that people bid for. Someone “won” a scotch and cigar basket. The winner decided to break it up and let them re-auction the cigars. So I bid and won some for The Husband.
After all the items were bid for and had new owners a need auction opened up, which were items Brighter Beginnings needs to continue to help their clients. Anyone who wanted to “win” these items could. People helped pay for Daddy Boot Camp, diapers, teen pregnancy program, car seats, etc.
Did you know that a low-end but safe car seat is 100 bucks? And you can’t leave the hospital with your baby (even if you are walking) if you don’t have a car seat? Did you know car seats have expiration dates? How about any car accident, even a fender bender makes the car seat invalid?
I got a voicemail today thanking me for attending the function along with bringing Monica. The night earned three more times than expected. I am so happy to know that and to have been able to help with that.