Committing to your good health


My yoga teacher training requires a big commitment on my part. I have already had to decline a variety of social activities because this is my priority right now.

I have been thinking a lot about priorities lately. About what is important for me and to me. And what makes me happy. (Don’t forget about Do you want to be happy?)
One of my friends/co-workers told me that something I said to her lately really hit a chord. And she suggested this be a Monthly Challenge.
I love ideas, suggestions and questions that lead to posts of any kind. So let’s try this for Go Fit Girl’s October Monthly Challenge.
What is a priority in your life? What is important? If something is really important you will make a commitment to it.
We all have excuses for why we don’t have time for something, right?
Choose a focus/commitment for the month. You, of course, can choose more than one. But don’t overwhelm yourself.
You can make a commitment to eat healthier; eat at least one fruit and one vegetable a day; get to the gym at least three times a week; do something that makes you happy (don’t forget about that theme we are working on for the rest of the year and was part of September’s Monthly Challenge); learn a new craft; get back into your favorite jeans or sexy leather skirt; take a class you have always wanted to take (academic, crafty, toward a degree, something new to learn or enhance); start exercising; drink more water; volunteer with an organization you’re passionate about; lose weight; join a political campaign; try yoga, Pilates, spin, Zumba, etc.; read a book; start a garden.
The options are endless. Your commitments don’t have to be strictly diet and exercise. The focus should be toward your well-being, which covers so much in our lives.
Remember all those challenges you posted for Comment Contest Tuesday, which was part of September’s Monthly Challenge? Why not take one (or two) of those challenges and make a commitment to it for this Monthly Challenge?
When it was announced in yoga teacher training recently that a yoga home practice should be committed to five times a week for 45 minutes I first thought, no way! I can’t do that. I am making the goal a little smaller initially and am committing to a home practice five times a week for 20-25 minutes and will work up to the 45 minutes.
Here are my recent commitments:

  • Take on yoga teacher training 10-month program (which includes classwork, yoga classes, home practice, readings, homework, etc.)
  • Maintain the Go Fit Girl! blog with posts three times a week
  • Back to healthy lifestyle in terms of caloric intake (regular exercise is pretty constant in my life)
  • Yoga home practice five times a week (which means most days I am getting up at 5 instead of 5:30 for the home practice)
  • Going to bed a little earlier to accommodate the early morning home practice
  • Utilizing my time on the shuttle bus ride to and from work to write posts for the blog and to get in some yoga teacher training reading homework
  • This commitment started yesterday … I am working on not letting anyone, including myself, diminish my light.

And we all probably spend too much time on Facebook, the Internet, playing Candy Crush (I’ve only heard that this is time suckage–I’ve never actually played it). Of course, you still want to make a little time to read Go Fit Girl’s blog and check in on the Monthly Challenge Facebook group page, right?
Feel free to posts your commitments, progress or whatever you want to say about this challenge in the posts below or on the Go Fit Girl! Monthly Challenge Facebook group.