Kid cares with (hot) chocolate


I like to have a variety at home when it comes to hot chocolate.

A former colleague of Curt’s has two family members battling cancer.
He also has a daughter. His daughter, who is 7, has decided to do something. She lives in New Jersey and is setting up a hot chocolate stand this Sunday to raise money for Stand Up to Cancer, which allocates 100% of the funds raised from individual donors to research.
One time one of Curt’s friend’s kid’s opened up a lemonade stand to donate toys to kids who were less fortunate than him. Curt and I drove about 40 miles to buy lemonade.
We can’t drive to New Jersey this weekend. So we bought some virtual cups of hot chocolate to support this amazing kid in her heartfelt efforts to be aware and kind and generous and giving and passionate.
If you want to support this awesome kid, you can use PayPal to paypal at, or use to lex at
According to her dad, who wrote a blog post about this, she’s raised more than $600 $750 $900 $1000 $1300 $1500, and we haven’t stirred a single cup of powder yet. Thanks, Internet. Her mind is blown.
The latest update from the dad says: 24 hours later after my initial tweet, she’s sold $2,000 of virtual hot chocolate.
Wow! The power that one caring 7-year-old can make. What a great example of a truly generous person who can help others without having to have a ton of money.
It’s really about passion and love of others.