Helping the GreaterGood


GreaterGood ia an easy organization to support. Check them out.

The other day in the mail I received a gorgeous scarf from my brother. Either an early Christmas present or late birthday present.
There was a pamphlet included with the scarf about (in partnership with website simply states: GreaterGood works to protect people, pets and the planet.
My scarf came from the Animal Rescue Site shop as animal rescue is something my brother is passionate about. My scarf funded 28 bowls of food.
I love this!
I perused their website and found many cool programs they work to support. My favorite is Operation Sandwich. (I also like Cats R Cool. And frankly all the programs are awesome.)
According to the site, a food bank in Seattle has teamed up with GreaterGood to launch Operation Sandwich to fight back against hunger. GreaterGood staff and other local volunteers will prepare sandwiches every week for the homeless and working poor.
The site also says, sandwiches provide an easy, cost-effective way to craft complete and ready-to-eat meals that are also handheld and portable, meaning they travel well to school or work where prohibitive prices often mean missed meals. Sandwiches are also nutritious, and for some homeless, it might be the only meal of the day.
When I was a kid on some Sundays after church there would be a set up for members to make sandwiches and put together sack lunches for Casa Maria, a local soup kitchen in Tucson, where my mom currently volunteers. is partnered with There are a variety of stores you can shop under to support different causes, such as hunger, breast cancer, animals, veterans, autism, diabetes, literacy and rainforest.
You can donate directly to a cause or you can go shopping in any of the gift shops, where your purchase still provides help.
I personally love when someone makes a donation in my name to an organization. The ones I have been most touched by was after my fur baby Joey went to kitty heaven many donations were made in his honor.
According to the About Us: We send buyers to over 50 countries to find products which are made in a sustainable fashion and are connected to the issues we work on; products that help heal the world, promote understanding, and reduce poverty. … We believe that providing markets for fairly traded products made by marginalized people (especially rural women artisans) is the best way to reduce intergenerational poverty.
As the holidays are approaching I suggest this site as a great way to do some shopping. You can buy some cool stuff while funding a particular cause and supporting marginalized people. It’s a win-win-win.