Observing & Assisting yoga teachers


My Observing & Assisting notebook already has pages of notes taken. (Alongside is my trusty Anatomy of Movement, which I anticipate referring to for as long as I am teaching yoga.)

Part of my yoga teacher training is to do 25 hours of observing and assisting various yoga teachers.
I have set up dates and times with four yoga teachers in the Deep Yoga program, essentially working with one teacher each week for one class over the next four months.
I observed my first class last Thursday with Vickie.
Vickie and I met briefly before class so she could let me know what she wanted me to look for and observe. Essentially my first observation was an open observation.
Many times in a class there will be a theme. The practice may also be gearing up to a particular pose, such as an inversion, like, Salamba Sarvangasana (Supported Shoulderstand) or a backbend, such as Ustrasana (Camel Pose).
As I observed for the hour and a half I was slightly jealous that they were all getting a practice in and I wasn’t. I so much wanted to join when the class started in a heart opener. I felt peace and tranquility when the class was in Savasana (Corpse Pose).
I took pages and pages of notes. I jotted down the sequence Vickie taught and practiced it later on my own. 
After each O&A with a teacher a brief write-up is due a week later.
I have been diligently going over my pages of scribbles and typing things up. I am trying not to be too much of me and over editing and overanalyzing it. 
It’s a unique feeling to just observe a class and not participate. I feel like the themes and certain things said are heard differently and dare I say better. Because I am just there to listen and observe.
I’m excited to observe teachers I have been studying with for years and teachers I am new to studying with but admire greatly.