Positive experiences in a jar

mason jar

I plan to fill this mason jar with positive things that happen to me in 2014.

So I said in my Happy New Year post that I wouldn’t be posting GFG! Monthly Challenges each month. But I would post occasional challenges on the Facebook Challenge page.
This is a challenge I am doing for myself for 2014.
And I decided that more than Facebook Challengers needed to know about this one.
Throughout the year I plan to fill the mason jar pictured to the left with little pieces of paper with positive things that I experience.
I think this is a great practice for anyone.
The things written down can be something small or something huge. Think … I saw a gorgeous rainbow today; I got a promotion; I had a baby; I became an aunt; I had the most delicious meal; I traveled somewhere glorious; I planted my garden; I read a beautiful poem; I woke up; I made a scrumptious meal; I told a joke and got a good laugh; I got paid; I watched a funny movie …
As long as it is positive it can go in the jar, hat, bucket, basket or whatever you are holding your positive notes in.
At the end of this year or beginning of next crack it open and read all the amazing things (big and small) that happened to you throughout the year.
Happy New Year and happy positive living.