Review Wednesday: Neutrogena Face & Body Stick Sunscreen


I have been using Neutrogena sunscreen products for years. The stick sunscreen is the latest addition to my sunscreen use.

I have written before about sunscreen and growing up under that hot Arizona sun a time or two or three before.
I pretty much never wore sunscreen and made it my mission to have the best tan of the summer as a kid. I even slathered myself with Baby Oil in order to “cook” quicker.
About 10 years ago I realized my skin had changed and sunscreen was a must.
I have tried a variety of sunscreens over the years. And my favorite is Neutrogena brand.
Before my March weekend in Vegas I was at Target stocking up on sunscreen. I got a new bottle of the Body Mist Sunscreen spray, which I have used for the past couple of years and love. I usually use the Age-Shield Face or Ultra-Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock for my face. I noticed a couple of new items for the face: Face & Body Stick Sunscreen and Liquid Daily Sunscreen.
I decided to try the Face & Body Stick. It’s like a stick of deodorant. And it is super easy to apply to the face. It’s for both the face and body. I like the spray for my body and something else for my face. I like to use a higher SPF for my face than for my body.
The Neutrogena website has this to say about the stick: It gives you the powerful, yet lightweight sun protection you love in a convenient, no-mess form. Suitable for both face and body, this unique wide-faced stick glides on easily and invisibly. Formulated with clinically-proven Helioplex® Technology, it offers superior broad-spectrum protection from skin-aging UVA rays and skin-burning UVB rays, so you can have clean, shine-free protection on hand, while on-the-go.
The stick was easy to use and kept my face protected while I was out in the sun over three days. It is also easy to have on the go. And it’s not a liquid, so it is travel safe via plane.
It’s a little bit greasy. But that is my biggest complaint. I like to wear a pretty high SPF on my face. This one comes in 70 SPF. But no other options that I could find.
One friend I was hanging out with at the pool while in Vegas mentioned that her Arizona dermatologist along with her mom’s Arizona dermatologist recommend Neutrogena sunscreen. I think those are two pretty good endorsements.
I plan to use it along with the Body Mist while in Mexico next week.


For years I have been using Neutrogena sunscreen products. The latest purchase did not disappoint. The Neutrogena Face & Body Stick sunscreen gets 4 dumbbells.