Celebrate Stoptober & be aware this month


The month of October in the UK is called Stoptober, where the challenge is to go alcohol and nicotine free. In the U.S., it is breast cancer awareness month.

I seriously had no ideas for an October Monthly Challenge. I was just not going to do one.
But I decided to post on the Monthly Challenge Facebook page asking friends if they had any suggestions. And I got two almost immediately. Thanks, Rosie and Jen!
My friend Rosie is from the UK and this month is Stoptober, which means being sober and smoke-free for the month. Read more about it here.
If you’re a smoker, this might be a great time to think about quitting. It may not happen this month. But think about how much healthier (and nicer smelling) you will be if you quit.
I told Rosie that this is my birthday month and there is no way I am gonna give up drinking even with the supposed gold pass of one time to cheat this month. I mean, I am going to Tahiti next week and plan on having a lot of fuu-fuu drinks!
But hey, it’s always a good idea to limit alcohol. So maybe keep your drinking to only the weekends. Or cut your usual alcohol intake in half. Or if you really want to get crazy, try not drinking for the whole month. We wanna hear all about that. Maybe even a guest post?
My friend Jen mentioned that it is breast cancer awareness month, which means we will be seeing a lot of pink.
Being active and eating healthy is what we can do for our preventive health. All of us women know that we should be going to the doctor for our annual check up AND doing breast self-exams also as a form of preventive health.
If you haven’t seen your doctor yet this year for your annual, call and make an appointment. If you are on the mammogram schedule, have you had yours this year? If not, call and make an appointment. Have you been keeping up with your monthly breast self-exams? If not, next time you are in the shower, just do it.
If you are one of my male readers, no reason you can’t participate in the preventive health part of this month’s challenge. Have you gone for your physical this year? If you are on the prostate check schedule, have you had your exam this year?
There are so many ways we can (and should) stay healthy. We have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of anyone else.
Feel free to make comments below on how the challenges are going this month. You can also post on the GFG! Monthly Challenge Facebook page.