Trying out HG's miracle mashies

miracle mashies

Ahi tuna steak, green beans with mushrooms and HG’s miracle mashies.

Since my recent “FUNemployment” began I have been trying to cook more. It’s not something I enjoy. But really to ensure I eat healthy (and not spend a ton of money) I need to cook at home often.
Because I have more time to plan meals, look up healthy recipes online, shop and execute the deliciously healthy nutritious meals cooking is much more tolerable.
A lot of my meal research comes from Hungry Girl. The website description says: healthy recipes, low-calories foods, weight-loss advice, diet tips ‘n’ tricks.
I have been a fan of Hungry Girl for years. I have a few of her cookbooks. I even went to one of her book signings.
Hungry Girl comes up with recipes we know and love and finds healthier and/or lower calorie versions of so many dishes.

meeting hungry girl

I met Hungry Girl (aka Lisa Lillen) at a book signing years ago.

My goal is to feature a recipe every week (or so) on the new Recipes tab here on GFG!
Last week one night for dinner I made ahi tuna steaks. I asked Curt what he wanted with the tuna. He requested a starch. (Don’t worry, we also had green beens.)
My research on the World Wide Web told me that mashed potatoes were a good starch with tuna.
For myself I made Hungry Girl’s miracle mashies. For Curt I used the same recipe minus the cauliflower.
(When looking up the recipe on the link above scroll down passed the cheesy-good cornbread muffins, which now I have to make. Yum! AND, I am also gonna try that HG’s hot tamale pie.)
If you are trying to get more vegetables in your diet or someone else’s this is a great way to sneak it in. The cauliflower is almost undetectable.