Being 40 is awesome

mama and annie

My mama and me 40 years ago today.

Friends, today I turned 40.
I have no issues with being 40. In fact, I am excited about it.
I have looked forward to this day for many years.
I have always looked much younger than I actually am. So I like shocking people with my true age. Just the other day someone told me they thought I was in my 20s.
Plus, years ago I decided my 40th birthday trip would be in Tahiti. And tomorrow Curt and I head off to Tahiti for a week! Eeeekkk! Can’t wait.
(For Curt’s 40th birthday trip we hit Oktoberfest in Munich. We also visited Budapest and Prague and had dinner with friends one night in Vienna. And had a chance to visit our German “family” in Stuttgart. That was a great trip.)
I remember when I thought 40 was old. Let me tell you kids … it isn’t.
For a long time in my early adulthood life was challenging. But that molded me to be the person I am today.

annie day 1

Annie Chihak born Oct. 9, 1974. 6 lb. 10 oz.

So far I have lived a fulfilling life. I have had to work hard for everything I have and everything I have done. And I am proud of that.
Today I am sporting a shirt that says: Made in 1974. 40 years of being awesome. (Check out the Facebook page here.)
A few months back I found an article titled, 10 things no one tells women about turning 40.
Some great take aways from the article:

  • … You turn a corner and start feeling comfortable in your own skin. …
  • You go to bed when you are tired. …
  • You become resilient. …
  • You remember to tell people that you love them. …
  • You have a close knit circle of amazing friends. …
  • And the best one of all: You don’t have to buy into the cultural messages that you get bombarded with about getting older. It is all crap. Being 40 is awesome.

photo-227At almost 40 I decided to quit my financially comfortable job and try out a new career as a yoga teacher. OMG! What was I thinking?
I started out as a journalist, working as an editor at two different newspapers; then took a leap of faith and moved to the Bay Area with The Husband (who had gotten a good job) with no job and got lucky with a chance to prove I could learn new skills and work in the legal department of a biotech for 9+ years.
And now I am starting a new chapter.