Finding your paradise


Here is my paradise. Lounging on the beach on the private island on Bora Bora. The overwater bungalow Curt and I stayed in is right above my left foot in the photo. What a glorious and memorable week.

I literally (pen to paper) wrote this post on Wednesday (October 15).
As a native Arizonan and Tucsonan (born, bred and educated) I spent many summers in San Diego, as did many other Arizonans.
Getting a tan, running my toes through the sand and the smell of salt water … that’s my ideal and dream vacation. Throw in an exotic location and it’s my paradise.
As I am handwriting this post (will take to the keyboard later–aka now) I am sitting on a private island on Bora Bora soaking up the sun (I am fully covered in sun screen), looking at the turquoise water, hearing the waves roll in and feeling so lucky … and happy.
(The photo above was taken right after I wrote this post.)
As you know my dear readers, things have changed a lot on my life in the past month. September 15 was my last day  in the corporate world. Today as I take pen to paper it is Wednesday, October 15.
Six days ago (now, nine days) I turned 40. In 10 days (now seven) I celebrate my 11th wedding anniversary.
While on probably the most exotic vacation I will ever take I have been really trying to enjoy it, which means limiting my time on Facebook. (I can’t believe the people I have seen glued to their phones while on the beach or at the bar during an amazing sunset.)
But I, of course, have been on Facebook somewhat. In the past few days I have been made aware that elementary school friends lost their dad unexpectedly … and a high school friend who was only a year or two older than me died.
Wow! Life really is too short. And we really don’t know how much time we have on this precious earth.
We all must pay our bills and be adults. We have responsibilities.
But let’s not forget what is really important: Being happy. Finding your paradise.
And that means different things for each and everyone of us.
Paradise for me is heading to Hawaii, Europe, Turks & Caicos, Bora Bora, spending time with my family (well, most of the time), among a few other amazing things …
Your paradise may be climbing to the top of Mt. Everest, sipping wine in your beautiful backyard, riding a roller coaster, skydiving, preparing and eating a delicious meal, going to Burning Man, taking on your dream job, buying a house, going to Disneyland, embarking the Camino de Santiago, renovating a bathroom in your home, swimming with sharks, quitting a dead end job, reading a great book, fitting into those leather pants from college, completing a marathon, binge watching a favorite or new TV show, having your team play in the World Series for the first time in 29 years, watching an amazing movie, completing your first or you 101st cycle class, making a new great friend, unconditional love, taking a trek on the Inca trail …
Whatever your paradise is, grab on and do it. Because life is too short to forget to make yourself happy.