Keeping the peppermint in my cocoa

peppermint schnapps

Yummy hot cocoa with a mini candy cane is a nice warm treat in the evening.

Once it starts to get chilly I enjoy warm drinks in the evening.
When I was still working full-time a warm drink helped to get me sleepy and ready for bed. I needed all the help I could get for a good night’s sleep.
I will drink hot water with lemon, tea, hot apple cider or hot cocoa.
I like a little splash of Peppermint Schnapps in my cocoa … that was until I found out how many Weight Watcher’s points a shot is. If you are a WW member, you are welcome to look up the points. If not, sorry, can’t share. Just know it is a lot more than I thought it would be.
So instead of having the caloric syrupy goodness I have been adding a mini candy cane to my chocolatey goodness.
One mini candy cane gives me the minty taste I like with my hot chocolate and is only about 17 calories with about 4 carbohydrates, no fat and about 3 grams of sugar.
I found a website called Intoxicologist, which lists many liquors and their calories (as general guidelines). Peppermint Schnapps is not specifically on there. But other Schnapps are. For an ounce, 72 calories are listed for two different Schnapps. That’s for 1 ounce. The line on a shot class is 1 12 ounces. And I think if you are at a bar you get at least 2 ounces. (I have also found 83 calories listed for an ounce of Peppermint Schnapps.)
Besides calories, sugars and carbohydrates can be high. I am finding a variety of information on the carbohydrates. Anywhere from 7-11 grams per ounce.
Sugar grams also seem to be anywhere from 7-11 per ounce.
I’m glad I looked this information up as I would be adding a lot more calories (and WW points) unknowingly to my nighttime treat. Plus, this is a way for me to eliminate alcohol from my diet. (Don’t worry, I didn’t give it up completely. It’s just about moderation.)