Bidding farewell to the Bay Area

oaklandish portlandia

I love Oakland AND Portland.

As the last boxes are being packed and the movers will be showing up in about 24 hours I am bidding farewell to Oakland, the East Bay and the Bay Area.
Curt and I came out here in 2005. He in February and me in March.
We first lived in Berkeley and for the past eight years have been in Oakland.
It’s been a great 10 years.
We have made so many good friends who we will miss terribly. Thanks to everyone who has made our time here great.
I have developed an amazing yoga community. I have some pretty awesome yoga teachers.
I know I can find all of that in Portland. It will take time.
This move is bittersweet for me. But isn’t that the best way to go … before you jump the shark?
For years Curt and I have been talking about moving back to Portland and settling there.
Curt has already lived in Portland twice. We met while working at a newspaper in Salem, which is about an hour from Portland.
I have never actually lived in Portland. But I spent enough time there to know I want to settle there.
We left Oregon in June 2001 … and are returning almost 14 years later. (But I will be back in the Bay for visits.)
I don’t like to say goodbye. My mom says, see you later. And I will steal this from my friend Monica … ta ta for now …