And GFG! is back on break …

GFG! break

GFG! will be back soon.

And not a Ross/Rachel kind of break.
Earlier this week I wrote about how I needed to take a break from the blog to focus on packing and the impending move.
I posted a farewell post yesterday and am now back on break.
Have to get a few last minute things done before the movers arrive in a few hours.
I promise once we are set up in our new place in Portland I will be back with regular posts of my new adventures.
So don’t be a stranger. Feel free to peruse the blog and find many past posts for your reading enjoyment.
And if you want to read the top two posts on GFG! …
Almost every day multiple people read about removing toothpaste from clothing. (Thanks to Monica P. for asking that. It’s my top post. I regularly check my stats to see what people are reading and looking for.)
The second most read post asks, should you drink alcohol when you are sick? Because that one was so popular I reposted it the last time I was sick.
You can also find me on Facebook: personal page and GFG! page. And you can find GFG! on Twitter.
I will be back soon and posting from the Northwest.
And thanks again to all of my friends and readers on your support for this move. See you on the other side …