Review Wednesday: Dry shampoo part drie

dry shampoo part drie

Here are the four dry shampoos I am reviewing in today’s Review Wednesday.

I have done two reviews in the past on dry shampoos, which you can read here and here.
Today I am posting No. 3 (drie in Dutch) review.
If you have been a reader of GFG! even for a short period of time you probably know that I have a smell sensitivity. I get what I call mini migraines when I come into contact with certain smells.
Anything perfumey or sweet or unnatural will trigger my ragging headaches and nausea.
If a product I am reviewing has a perfumey and/or sweet and/or unnatural smell it won’t get a high score.
What I wonder is why would someone want some smelly thing lingering in their hair when they could also possibly be wearing perfume and smelly lotion?
Anyway, yea, smells, unless fresh and/or natural are bad news for me.
Today I am reviewing four dry shampoos.
Like in the past I will review least favorite to favorite.


Dove Hair Therapy dry shampoo gets two dumbbells.

The Dove Hair Therapy dry shampoo has a super sweet smell.
The spray has a white residue, which can be brushed out or slept on if using the night before. The dry shampoo works. But that smell. Wow, it is sickly super sweet.
If you can handle the smell and won’t offend co-workers, fellow train riders, friends, yoga neighbors, etc. I say this dry shampoo could be for you.
I think I got this at Target or Walgreens. I did a search online and found it at Amazon for about 12 bucks and free shipping. Oh, Walmart, about 4 bucks.
If you are gonna try this one don’t spend $12. That is way too much to spend.


Orlando Pita dry shampoo gets two dumbbells.

A friend of mine gave me a bottle of Orlando Pita dry shampoo she bought at Costco, which according to this link is no longer available.
I found a two-pack on Amazon for $49.99. That’s kinda spendy. (From a little research I did it sounds like the two-pack at Costco was $17, which is a much more reasonable price.)
Apparently Orlando Pita is a celebrity stylist. I just found that interesting. Doesn’t change how I fell about the lingering perfumey sweet smell of his dry shampoo.
The spray comes onto the hair white, which most do. I couldn’t leave it on for long so I am not sure of the long-term effects. It appeared to absorb my oily crown.
Again if the smell doesn’t offend you or anyone else I say go for it.


Batiste dry shampoo gets four dumbbells.

Batiste dry shampoo can be purchased at many retailers. I got mine at Walgreens. According to the Walgreens site, Batiste is $7.99.
For great Walgreens coupon codes, go here.
Batiste also has a white residue when sprayed on dark hair. It is cheap and can be easily purchased at Walgreens or many other retailers.
The smell … it is a fresh clean smell, which doesn’t bother me. You just smell clean, not perfumey or like candy or a sweet fruit.
I like the one and will keep in my circulation of dry shampoos. Like with my regular shampoo I like to have variety with dry as well.


Klorane oat milk dry shampoo gets gets 4 1/2 dumbbells.

I got a sample of the Klorane oat milk dry shampoo in one of my Birchbox shipments. (Read a review of Birchbox here.)
According to the Klorane website, the product contains no parabens, silicones, sulfates or sodium chloride.
I tried the Klorane as a sample I received in a monthly Birchbox shipment. I loved my little sample, which is now with my travel toiletries, so I bought a full-sized bottle of Klorane from Birchbox.
The full-sized bottle is only 3.2 oz. The other shampoos I reviewed today were 5 oz. (Dove and Orlando Pita) or 6.73 oz (Batiste).
And the full-sized bottle of 3.2 oz. is quite spendy at $19.50.
But it works well, has no harsh smell (a light clean smell) or white powdery residue. So if I need a pick me up on my crown before leaving the house this is a great one to grab as I don’t have to worry about white residue or a lingering smell.