Visiting family

family friend wedding tucson

I attended a family friend wedding with my mom and stepdad. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding.

I was born, bred and educated (Bear Down!) in Tucson, Ariz.
I was recently in Tucson to attend a family friend wedding and to visit my own family.
I come from a decent-sized Mexican-American family (both sides).
I haven’t lived in Tucson for about 17 years. Wow! I left at the end of 1997.
But most of my family has always lived in Tucson.
In the past when I would come home for visits I would run all over town trying to visit “everyone.”
At some point I had to stop doing that. Visiting family is already stressful and exhausting (and wonderful) and I was wearing myself out.
My priorities had to adjust during my visits and they are my parents and my grandparents (my mom’s mom and my dad’s dad). Anyone after that is icing on the cake.

cousins Bear Down!

I lucked out and got to hang with my cousin Alex and see our Wildcats Bear Down!

My parents are divorced. So that adds another dynamic to the mix.
I know some family members (and even friends) may be offended if I can’t visit or don’t even contact them. I am sorry for that. But I just can’t. It’s too much for me.
How do I say this nicely? I don’t think there is a way … if you have never left home you have no idea what it is like to come back and have to try and cram everything and everyone in and still enjoy your time.
So the next time I am in town you may get a Facebook message, text, e-mail or call that I want to try to get together. And you may not. That is not a reflection on you. It’s me. Know that I love you and would love to see you. But it just can’t always happen.
And hey, planes go in both directions!