Getting some fur baby lovin'

dominique @purringtons

Here I am visiting with a super sweet cat named Dominique at Purringtons.

My friend Karen and I recently headed to the new cat cafe and lounge in Portland called Purringtons Cat Lounge.
The Purringtons website describes the cat cafe as a business where cats and humans can hang out for a certain period of time. Additionally, food or drink or both maybe purchased by visitors.
All cats are up for adoption through the Cat Adoption Team. They hang out at Purringtons until they find their forever home.
There are two sides to the place. You walk into the cafe where you check in, pay the cover, order light bites and/or drinks, do a little shopping and can sit at a bar and watch the cats through large windows.
The lounge area is where the cat living room is located. Once inside you get to hang out and play with the cats and enjoy your bites and drinks.
We hung out with the cats, petted them, played with them and just enjoyed watching them.
There were just a few rules we had to abide by. And one of the “rules” is that kids under 10 can’t enter the lounge, but they can view the cats from the big windows in the cafe.
While hanging out in the lounge with cats named Dominique (pictured), Polly, Robert Meowy Jr., Mildred, Reginald, Corey, Rebel, etc. we sipped on Meowmosas.
There is an $8 cover to spend an hour with the cats. Purchasing light bites or drinks is optional.
More information from the Purringtons site about the cover fee: This helps us with cat related upkeep, food, litter, etc. Additionally, to ensure the cats have a safe and clean temporary home, we have paid employees who clean and monitor the lounge. Any cat adoption fees go straight to Cat Adoption Team.
They allow up to 15 people to visit with the cats at a time for an hour. We made a reservation to ensure a spot. Walk-ins are possible if all 15 slots aren’t booked.
I am an animal lover and had my beautiful fur baby Joey for almost 18 years. (Joey had his own blog and kept it up with lots of pictures and posts.)
I love the idea of Purringtons and their unique set up. For those of us who don’t have pets right now or have a partner/roommate who is allergic it gives us a chance to get some fur baby love without the commitment. By visiting the cats at Purringtons and paying the cover fee we are helping with cat life expenses. If anyone is┬áreally interested in adopting, it is a great way to spend time with the cat(s) in more of a living room environment.
It’s a fun experience and I recommend you visit. I plan to go back again.