The Real Go Fit Girl!

the real go fit girl

My mobile Instagram profile page from earlier today. My followers are slowly increasing and I’m at 54.

As a yoga teacher, an indoor cycling instructor and a health and fitness blogger I try to reach the biggest audience I can.
Besides with actually teaching and blogging I try to keep up with the kids (and the rest of us) with social media. (I can’t possibly understand all the social media out there, such as Snapchat. If you don’t know what that is, you can look it up.)
Go Fit Girl! has been on Facebook for years and Twitter for years as well. I just recently revived my personal Instagram account and changed my username to TheRealGoFitGirl.
There are a lot of Go Fit Girls on Instagram, but I am the only real one.
I first signed up for Instagram before it was cool. The app had cool filters and I was just fooling around with them, back in December 2010.
I decided recently that GFG! should be on Instagram, especially since social media can link up to each other.
After I added a photo and updated my profile I started looking through my contacts and Facebook friends to see who else was on Instagram.
Before reviving my account was I the only one NOT on Instagram?
I want my students to be able to easily get in touch with me. And I want anyone who wants information, tips, stuff to share and research from Go Fit Girl to easily be able find it anytime they want.
This Instagram is way too easy to use. In the past 24 hours or so I have had to control myself from not being that annoying over-poster.